Mobile Design


I.T. Construct offers mobile website design services tailored to building a mobile website to be a miniature version of your full blown website.

Mobile designs vary from a single web page to more complex multi-level requirements.

Each individual project starts off with an agreed brief and a clear understanding of the solution required and the business benefits to be generated from developing a mobile website for you.From here we bring in experts in each individual field to maximise the information flow and impact of your site.


What is a mobile design?

A mobile website design is a website that is tailored to mobile web enabled devices. A mobile web enabled device can include mobile phones, pda’s, iPhone’s, iPad’s, PSP’s and other small portable devices. The website generally is a smaller print of your actual website and does not include as much detail or all parts of the site. This design is tailored towards interesting and motivating users to be provided with the most important parts of your site and visit the full site if required.